How Drupal Site Review works

The Drupal Site Review bot will crawl the submitted Durpal site as an anonymous user and fetch pages from the site and run tests on these pages. Tests are conducted in 4 main categories - Performance, Security, SEO and HTML / CSS. Currently the tests run include the following. We will continue to add more tests to this list. If you like to suggest a new test let us know.


  • Number of DOM Elements on the home page
  • Number of Images in Home page
  • JS/CSS Aggregation
  • Size of Loaded CSS Pages in Home
  • Size of Loaded JS Files in Home
  • Page Load Speed in Home
  • Size of Loaded HTML in Home
  • Compression enabled for response from server


  • Anonymous access to admin
  • Anonymous access to admin/build/modules
  • Anonymous access to admin/build/themes
  • Anonymous access to admin/content
  • Anonymous access to admin/permissions
  • Anonymous access to admin/views
  • Anonymous access to directory listing
  • Anonymous access to node/add
  • Anonymous Registration
  • Available Drupal Updates
  • Captcha in Login Form
  • Captcha in Registration Form
  • Captcha on Contact Form
  • Anonymous access to Comment Form
  • Captcha on Comment Form
  • Mollom on Comment Form
  • FTP access to the server
  • SSH access with password authentication
  • Remote access to MySQL port


  • Clean URLs Enabled
  • Global Redirect Enabled
  • Google Analytics Enabled
  • 404 Status on Page not Found
  • Search404 installed
  • WWW Redirection Enabled


  • HTML Validation on Home Page

You can see a sample report here - review report.